The Value of Virtual

Ahead of this September’s FIPP Congress, FIPP president and CEO James Hewes discusses how a virtual congress is a “double win”, in terms of quality, price – and value.

“September’s FIPP Congress is something I don’t think anybody has delivered on this scale before. We’ve taken the radical approach of running the [now virtual] congress over the whole month. From 2-30 September, it will be ‘Congress Month’, where there will be something happening nearly every working day. It allows us to have a much broader programme than we would have done with a physical event crushed into a couple of days. It also allows our delegates to dip in and out of the congress and fit it around their lives.

The FIPP Congress might be virtual but we still want to deliver value in terms of the quality of speakers [FIPP Congress speakers include Hearst’s James Wildman and Vox Media’s Erica Anderson] and have a large number of topics we want to cover. We’ve looked carefully at the subjects people are interested in and built a programme to reflect that.

Staging a virtual congress is a double win. You don’t have to pay for travel or a hotel, plus you’re only paying a quarter of the price of a ticket compared to the physical event.”

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