Teresa Elizalde

Editor in Chief
La Nacion

Teresa Elizalde is the Editor in Chief of the Magazine Division at La Nación Publishing Group (www.lanacion.com.ar), also publisher of one of the two major daily newspapers in Argentina with international readership.

The Magazine Division started in 1999 and is currently the national largest publisher of seven monthly magazines. The titles LivingOHLALÁ!Rolling StoneLugaresHOLABrandoJardín are each of them leading publications in its niche and the sum of them sells more than 350.000 issues per month through subscriptions and newsstands.

Under Teresa´s executive direction, the titles above mentioned fulfilled their digital transformation and implemented a social media strategy different for every case. Besides the trade editions, every brand carries out content projects of the most varied nature, from special issues to social events that bring more visibility and aim to build community.

Teresa first worked as a junior journalist at BAE Newspaper and then moved to Barcelona, España where she wrote for La Vanguardia. Back in Argentina, she worked as editor-in-chief for Sophia Magazine and ended up taking over the position of editor-in-chief at OHLALÁ! Magazine, where she stayed for six years. OHLALÁ! was a truly groundbreaking magazine for the female audience in Argentina and currently it stands for much more than that: among many other interventions, OHLALÁ FESTIVAL is an annual event that gathers more than 9000 visitors in one day, and OHLALÁ MAKERS is a renowned networking platform for female entrepreneurs.

Teresa graduated in Social Communications at Universidad Austral in Buenos Aires, and has a Master´s Degree in Humanidades at the Universitat Pompeu Fabra in Barcelona.

She lives in Buenos Aires with her husband and three daughters.

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