Nikolay Malyarov

CEO of PressReader International

Since 2003, Nikolay Malyarov has lead the expansion of PressReader’s worldwide community of publishing partners, helping them grow their audience and increase revenues, while meeting their unique business objectives. At the forefront of pioneering publishing solutions, Malyarov was instrumental in establishing PressReader as the only global all-you-can-read digital content platform with a growing list of nearly 8,000 newspapers and magazines. Offering multiple presentation formats that serve the needs of traditional replica readers and today’s new generation of news consumers, PressReader reaches more than 500 million readers through its vast number of consumer-centric channels that include thousands of hotels, libraries, airlines, cruise ships, hospitals and cafés. Under Malyarov’s leadership, PressReader has also become the trusted technology that powers 2,000+ of the world’s most prestigious brands, including The New York Times, The Globe and Mail, The Guardian and The Times. Nikolay has authored numerous articles in prominent global industry publications on topics such as monetisation strategies, HTML5 and distribution in non-traditional markets. As General Counsel, he is also responsible for all legal aspects of the Company’s business.

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