Nikolay Malyarov

CEO International & Chief Content Officer

Nothing gets past Nikolay, and in his position at PressReader, that’s a good thing. His attention to detail and knowledge of the tech, travel, and publishing industries have helped turn PressReader into a profitable global business.

Since 2003, Nikolay has led the expansion of the world’s largest all-you-can-read global digital content platform www.pressreader.com, providing mobile access to over 7,000 newspapers and magazines to consumers and customer-centric brands looking for new ways to build meaningful relationships with real people.

His strategic vision and insightful commentary make him a popular speaker at industry events where he shares how businesses in the travel, education, and publishing sectors can capitalize on innovative opportunities that others don’t see.

Nikolay is the Editor-in-Chief of The Insider magazine, Industry Partner of World Travel & Tourism Council, and also serves on the Management Board of FIPP, the network for global media.

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