Luke Stepleton

Co-Founder and President

Luke is the Co-Founder and President of 3BLACKDOT, an innovative influencer driven gaming studio based in the heart of DTLA. In starting 3BD, Luke’s core goal was to create an environment where creators, and the creator community, are a key component to a thriving global economy.

As an angel investor and advisor to some of SoCal’s most innovative startups, Luke is passionate about helping early stage startups solve problems and find the audience they need utilizing peer to peer platforms. Both at 3BD and in his other endeavors, Luke sets out to elevate the gaming community to become the global leaders of the future. In addition, he looks for new and innovative ways to support the creator community as the ever evolving industry continues to change and expand.

Prior to started 3BD, Luke ran network partnerships at Machinima, the first multi-channel network on YouTube. In his role, he oversaw all network partnership, both with talent and channels as well as brands and companies. Before Machinima, Luke was a part of the Game Show Network team as a field producer, organizing, directing and producing story points for GSN Live. Luke has worked in a variety of production roles since 2008 and has had his hands in all facets of production, development and talent management.

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