Guilherme Valadares

Founder and Director of Content

Founder and Director of Content at PapodeHomem, a brazilian platform and media vehicle dedicated to the transformation of masculinities. Director of research at Instituto PDH. Lead the production of the documentaries “The Silence of Men” (2019) and “Do we need to talk to men? A journey for gender equality” (2016), this last one in partnership with United Nations Women Brazil. He has offered talks and workshops on the intersection of masculinities, equality and diversity in many organizations — in places such as Google, Diageo, Natura, GM, UN Women, schools, collectives, NGOs and so on. Consulting member of the #HeforShe UN Women Brazil committee.

Emotional balance teacher certified by the CEB program. At the moment focusing on leading emotional balance classes for journalists, in vehicles such as Folha de São Paulo, one of the biggest newspapers in Brazil. And also investigating how emotional balance might foster a culture of diversity in newsrooms.

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