Dushyant Khare

Angel Investor, Startup Advisor, Ex Director of Business Development at Google

Dushyant is an active angel investor & advisor to tech startups in the Southeast Asia & India markets.  He spent close to 13 years at Google where he led business development & strategic partnerships, working on areas such as ads, android, chrome, search, youtube, to name a few.  Prior to Google, Dushyant has worked at SAP Ariba, American Express, and two tech startups.  He holds an MBA from the ISB, Hyderabad.

In his role at Google, Dushyant has spent years partnering closely with publishers and other content based companies, helping them monetize through ads.  He is very interested in understanding how publishers can bridge the monetization gap left between ads and subscription, and is now also an advisor to Fewcents.

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