Angela Henshall

50:50 External Partners Manager

Angela runs the partners side of the 50:50 Project, which is the biggest collective action on increasing women’s representation in BBC content there has ever been. Over the last year 50:50 has rapidly expanded with over 500 BBC teams now signed up to the voluntary initiative that uses a self-monitoring data system to effect change. It has grown beyond the BBC through sharing our best practice tools. To date, over 35 organisations have signed up as 50:50 Project Partners including Fortune, ABC Australia, Yle, Financial Times and many others.

Before joining the project, Angela was a deputy editor and senior journalist for the BBC.com features sites. She has been in news all her professional career and worked as a reporter in both the UK and overseas at other media organisations including Agence France Presse, Dow Jones Newswires and The Wall Street Journal.

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