Adrian Grant

Writer and Producer
Thriller Live and other productions, Baronet Entertainment

Adrian Grant has worked in the entertainment and media industries for over 30 years, producing magazines, books, records, videos, television, concerts and theatre shows.

Adrian’s career started in 1988 publishing Michael Jackson fanzine, Off The Wall, which grew from a circulation of 200 to 25,000 copies in 47 different countries within a couple of years.

This led to an amazing 20-year working relationship with the King of Pop and saw Adrian create ‘Thriller Live’, a show now seen by nearly five million people worldwide, and the 12th biggest West End show of all-time.

Adrian went onto publish two national magazines – Shades and Blink. Shades was one of the UK’s first ethnic minority youth lifestyle publications to speak out against racism and champion greater diversity.

Adrian also produced the West End show, ‘Respect La Diva’, and the recent UK tour of ‘The Aretha Franklin Songbook’.

In November 2018 Adrian launched the Visionary Arts Foundation aiming to inspire positive social change by empowering young adults to use artistic platforms from film, music and theatre to literature and digital media as a sound board for discussion and debate around issues such as inclusion, equality, mental health, anti-social behaviour and the climate crisis.

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