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With the 43rd FIPP World Media Congress starting next week, time is now fast running out to get an All-Access pass to the event, giving you access to all 80+ sessions and one-to-one meetings platform.


Congress 2020, incorporating Digital Innovators’ Summit and World Media Marketplace, runs from 2-30 September. Contact John Schlaefli at john@fipp.com for more on corporate passes (access for all employees) or sign up online for individual passes.

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As this is the first time Congress will run online, we thought we’ll spell out some of the several benefits and new opportunities for participants it brings.

    1. FLEXIBLE: Worried you will have to stare into your screen all day, getting nothing else done? Don’t be. All-access pass holders can watch speaker sessions Live and/or On-demand. Stretched out over four weeks rather than crammed into two or three days, plan what you watch live and what on-demand (even after the event) to fit with your schedule and time zone.
    2. VALUE: With more than 80 sessions and hundred top-notch speakers from around the world, Congress is a virtual Festival of Content offering an exhilarating fix of ideas, insights and expertise. Now just imagine the value of the On-demand library alone. See the agenda and thespeakers.
    3. INTERACTIVE: Get answers from speakers to questions you want to ask. Sessions at Congress are not only a one-way street. Are you scared or too embarrassed to put up your hand at physical events to ask questions? Have no fear, fire and type those questions for us to ask. Want to hear what fellow participants think? Engage with them in the online chat function while the session is on the go.
    4. COMFORT:No need to fly anywhere, book a hotel or take time away from the office. Maybe not as exciting than to go to a new destination, we admit, but it makes it overall a cheaper and more practical proposition to join from the comfort of your office or home.
    5. AUDIENCE: The lower barrier to participation will bring together an even more diverse international audience to mingle with that what our events already ensemble. From students to rising stars, to middle and senior management. From every continent bar Antarctica (for now;). Share in diverse conversations and ideas. Diversity is powerful. Open your mind to learn from anyone, in any market.
    6. MEET: Meet the people you want to meet using our online platform over the four weeks of Congress. No need to duck or dive or getting stuck listening to Mr Monotone. Connect with others from around the world based on interests, ideas, ambitions, and for how long. You decide who. You decide when. You choose how long.
    7. ACCESS: One for all and all for one. Choose the corporate All-access option, which gives access to all employees in your organisation, or opt for an individual All-access pass. Both options incorporating all the benefits mentioned above.


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Corporate passes:

Want to learn more about the corporate pass, giving access to all employees in an organisation? Contact John at John@fipp.com for more.

Individual passes:

Want to sign up individually? You can do so here.


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