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We are currently hard at work finalising a truly top-notch list of speakers for the 43rd FIPP World Media Congress.

The speaker programme will run online from 2-30 September, consisting of a programme with some ninety speaker sessions across three channels and with more than hundred speakers from around the world.

The programme consists of three channels:

  • World Congress
  • Digital Innovators’ Summit
  • Worldwide Media Marketplace

Instead of offering the conference over a couple of days as in the physical world, we have taken advantage of the unique opportunity afforded us by an online event. We have broken the programme into smaller, easy-to-consume “chunks”, spread out over a more extended period for people to enjoy online — either live or as recordings (or both). Meaning, crucially, you can make the schedule fit with your normal day.

The schedule further considers our global audience’s time zones. For example:

  • Sessions in the morning (British Standard Time) will be slanted towards a live audience in Asia and EMEA.
  • Sessions in the afternoon (British Standard Time) will be slanted towards a live audience in EMEA, North and South America.

Following is an example (i.e. subject to change) of what you can expect of a “typical” Congress week in September, with speaker sessions spread out through the week.

Attendees will be able to choose sessions to watch live, and the ones where they may want to watch a recording instead at a more appropriate time.

The agenda will cover a range of themes critical to the global media industry – from leadership to sustainability, from revenue development to product development, from people and culture to AI and audience engagement, and more.

Do not miss out – register your attendance today.

See our Speaker page for speakers so far confirmed, or how to submit a proposal to speak.

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